Ortho-Tain® & 6 Month Smiles

As a general dentist, Dr. Mandanas understands the relationship between straight teeth, a healthy bite structure, and optimum dental health. That’s why our team has been aligning and straightening teeth in our office for more than 12 years! It has been our pleasure to team up with Ortho-Tain® and Six Month Smiles in our effort to offer comfortable and modern alternatives to conventional braces.

These affordable orthodontic solutions are highly sought-after for their esthetic appeal, their high-quality results, and their minimal use of metal hardware:

What is Ortho-Tain®?

Orthodontics AnchorageOrtho-Tain® is a metal-free removable orthodontic appliance that can effectively align the teeth without any additional hardware. Suitable for addressing the orthodontic needs of children as well as adults, Ortho-Tain® is notably different from other invisible or removable orthodontic systems.

Along with delivering a straighter and more attractive smile, this method can be useful in addressing and preventing TMJ problems, and can also position our patients for a healthier smile in the future.

What is Six Month Smiles®?

Orthodontics Anchorage AKFor our adult patients who may desire a limited or a short-term orthodontic solution, the Six Month Smiles® system provides a mature alternative to standard braces. With the use of clear brackets and a wire system that matches the shade of your teeth, the teeth can be straightened in less aggressively and with less force. Our patients appreciate the ability to discretely undergo orthodontic treatment in a manner that is more comfortable and more conservative than the traditional methods. Still, noticeable results can be achieved in roughly 6-9 months.

Make the Right Orthodontic Choices for Yourself and Your Family

When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Mandanas to review your orthodontic and bite-related concerns, you will find that there is a safe and predictable solution that is perfect for your whole family. Find out more by calling us today.